Upside Down

Upside Down

Purity: October 13 – PG-13

Parents, activities will be provided for your children if you would rather they not hear this Sunday’s more mature themes.


You have heard it said, Love your neighbor and hate your enemies.

… Jesus says love your enemies… And PRAY for those who persecute you

“What?… You want me to do what?”

… If someone strikes you one cheek then turn to that person the other cheek


None of that makes sense to us because we know how things work in our world.

If someone strikes you on the cheek, YOU SUE.

Some parents say, you never start a fight but you always finish it.

You don’t LOVE your enemies… You DEFEAT your enemies.


Jesus takes what makes sense to us and flips it upside down.

Scholars call this the great reversal of the Gospel.

When you begin to look through the lens of the Bible, Jesus says You will eventually realize that God’s ways are not upside down.

His ways are actually RIGHT SIDE UP.


revivebismarck September 26, 2013 Blog