: to form into a group again
: to stop for a short time and prepare yourself before you continue doing something that is difficult
: to stop and think, reorganize, etc., before continuing

Our desire is for everyone who attends Revive Christian Church to find lasting community here. Our ReGroups are a place where Sunday gatherings are made small—by allowing you to meet people to connect with and form real relationships.

ReGroups are an essential part of the life of our House—small groups of people meeting together regularly for spiritual growth, fellowship and service. These groups are intentionally designed to not only give everyone at Revive Christian Church a place to belong and be cared for, but also a place to be encouraged and strengthened in their journey with Jesus.

Our ReGroups meet on different days at different times and study unique topics—and each group serves in ways that are meaningful to them.

For those over 18 years old, being a part of a ReGroup is a great chance to meet people, build community and develop lasting relationships with others you can do life with.

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