What started as a ministry to fill backpacks with food for 50 kids once each month grew to every other week. We had dreams of adding another school, because of great support and partnership with chiropractors in our community. Before this dream could become a reality, our local United Way decided to step in and cover donations for all elementary schools, every other week. Now, every elementary school in Bismarck is receiving backpacks full of food for the kids who need it, every single week! We struggled with giving this ministry up. Then we started thinking a little more God-sized. We began wondering if He brought this about so our ministry could evolve into something greater and more personal for the people of Revive and our community. This dream is still mulling and churning. We are still brainstorming and talking with our schools about exactly how we want this to look, but it is taking shape and we are more excited than before!

We will be gathering donations – this isn’t changing. We are currently gathering donations for classroom snacks, but we take a break during the summer months and focus on serving the community through partnerships that spring from our Saturday in the Park ministry. We’ve been informed that many students come to school without a snack to keep their focus and energy on track for the day and this is something we can help with. We will be collecting pudding and fruit cups, snack crackers, dry cereal and granola bars to deliver to Pioneer, WillMoore as well as many other elementary schools throughout Bismarck.

Stay tuned to this page often for updates and our list of needs. As our ministry evolves, we will share and dream with you. We are excited to see where God takes this and what He does with us and Bismarck/Mandan area schools together. Please contact us for more information or to get more involved in this incredible ministry.